Finding The Perfect Romantic Setting

If you’re a particularly romantic person, then you need to know what the best date night spots in Dallas are. It isn’t enough to just compliment your partner and shower them with gifts. The best way to make them feel special is to take them somewhere that’s nice and just oozes romance. To help you find that perfect romantic setting for your loved one, here are six dinner spots and other romantic places to take your date.

1. Medina Oven & Bar

For those who love to try new food, then you need to stop by the Medina Oven & Bar restaurant. They have a Moroccan and Mediterranean menu that is sure to delight your taste buds. The restaurant itself is low lit with candles and provides comfortable booths in which to eat your meal. Besides having a warm and intimate atmosphere, the staff is also extremely welcoming and friendly.

2. Si Tapas

Nothing quite says romance like the passionate Spanish. You can take your loved one to the Spanish restaurant Si Tapas for authentic Spanish food. Besides the delicious dinners they offer, you can enjoy a romantic meal out on their low-lit patio. It offers a great view of the nearby park and city. No romantic dinner is ever complete without a stunning view to eat besides.

3. Chocolate Secrets

Besides just being a dessert shop, Chocolate Secrets also has frequent live music that you can enjoy. They tend to cater more towards blues and jazz. With arguably the most romantic music playing, indulging in sweet desserts, and spending time with your loved one, this dessert shop offers the perfect spot for a romantic evening.

4. The Kessler Theater

If your loved one loves to see shows and live concerts, then you need to take them to the Kessler Theater. Besides hosting some fantastic shows and music, the venue itself offers an intimate setting in which to enjoy the stage productions. This cozy space can set the mood and truly delight your loved one.

5. Trees

Sometimes the most romantic outings are ones filled with rock ‘n roll. For the couple that loves to grab a beer and just rock out, you need to attend the Trees. This is a rock club that features live concerts every night. The alcohol is cheap but the space offers an intimate place to enjoy your favorite local bands.

6. Mercy, A Wine Bar

If you’ve already eaten and you just want to indulge in some of the best wine that the area has to offer, then you need to take your partner to Mercy. This wine bar offers a long list of wines to choose from. The waiters are equipped with information and suggestions to make sure that you choose the wine that’s perfect for your tastes. The bar is also intimate and offers an enriching experience for anyone who loves tasting wine.

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